Who We Are (for now)


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i’m megan. i’m eighteen years old, and i live in austin, texas (AKA – the best city in the world!!!). i got a super awesome little sister (lauren) and slightly different kind of awesome older brother (cole). i snuggle up DAILY with my kitty Jaws and my pupper Koda while either gilmore girls or criminal minds play on an endless loop. i’m a music girl, in EVERY sense of the word. i play guitar & ukulele & i’m a big fan of windows down car karaoke. been to & will never stop attending countless music festivals and backyard concerts — most of which i was accompanied by none other than my sweet sissy, who y’all will meet below.


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hi, i’m lauren (the super awesome sissy)!!! i’m 15 years old, and i too have this so-called cool brother. i’m a big fan of listening to vinyl records while making the horrible mistake of drawing murals on my wall that i must later cover with an abundance of roadmaps and posters. you could discover the world’s greatest secrets behind my posters. i’m your typical “can’t wait to drive and be free” kinda girl — looking forward to the endless road trips and adventures my dream car (NUG) will take me on!!!! i’ll do ANYTHING megan dares me (from eating a whole chunk of wasabi to splashing around in a Vegas hotel fountain) and that’s all you really need to know about me!! we really are the cool kids, pinky promise.