milky chance + lewis capaldi

It’s hard to admit, but I am most definitely, without a doubt, absolutely no questions asked… the least cool of all of my friends. Sometimes it gets me down (I mean, who likes feeling inferior?) and I sit there in my friend Bonnie’s handpainted room listening to obscure ~indie~ vinyl records, pretty much feeling sorry for myself and my lame, sometimes basic, music taste and bedroom full of polaroids.

But sometimes, having these insane friends breeds AMAZING opportunities. Like endless concerts and impromptu 7-hour road trips to the next state over and last minute hair-chop jobs and tiny tattoos. Having these friends means that I’m always growing and learning and pushing my boundaries. It means that I’m always finding amazing bands playing in hole-in-the-wall venues that I would never visit on my own. It means that, by association, I’m pretty much the coolest girl around.

Yesterday was one of the better days of my life. I say this pretty often, but it always seems true to me every. single. time. Witnessing someones first day of being 18 though… it’s hard to beat (insert the standard sappy Instagram paragraph that every girl ever posts for every one of her friends, because yes. I secretly think they’re super sweet. happy birthday sweet Paige). It’s a day full of expectations and (somewhat forced) change and pure bliss. For starters, we had brunch. Yes, BRUNCH – how adult!!! How sophisticated!!!! Well, it was to me, regardless of the real connotations behind the breakfast-lunch hybrid. Yesterday was a day full of sunlight streaming through squeaky clean windows and quiet footsteps inside The Contemporary Austin art museum.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.15.33 PM

It was a day full of firsts. First tattoos…

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.14.37 PM

First BRUNCH (I’ll never get over how truly adult I felt, guys)…

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.15.11 PM

And first time seeing MILKY CHANCE (this is where my inferior friendship story comes in, so listen up kiddos)!! Okay in my defense, I have decidedly cool girl music taste compared to most of the kids in my town. But, I’m mostly a sampler. I like a few songs from every genre. A few tracks on each album. I’ve never been a die-hard fan of anything (depressing, I know). I’ve never dedicated an Instagram to my favorite artist or followed a boyband cross-country on tour (but I’m extremely jealous if you have). So I had listened to Milky Chance before. All of their songs are on my phone, but I skip through all but one of them on my morning drive in lieu of sing-a-long classics. So walking into this concert was… a little bit daunting. I had 4 girls with me who knew all of the bandmates names, family histories, and which ex-girlfriend each song was written about — and I only knew half the lyrics to their most popular song!

But as soon as we got scanned in and had X’s marked on our shaking hands, I felt riggghhhttt at home surrounded by a hundred juiced-up twenty-somethings waiting for the opener to come on. It didn’t matter that I barely knew the band or didn’t even know who was opening. Everything was right and I was bubbling with happiness.

When Lewis Capaldi started singing… I fell right in love. Paige turned right around and screamed ‘THAT MAN IS YOUR SOULMATE’ and I stood there swooning for a good half hour. His voice was like butter and his interlude jokes made me spin. Guys… I’m in love. He played a short set, but by the end of it I had already Insta-stalked him (yes, creepy) and added his EP to my Napster, Spotify, and Soundcloud playlist (extra creepy). I told y’all… Without a doubt the least cool of all of my friends.

A few minutes of house music and small talk later, the lights went low and the bassy undertones of Milky Chance started up over an excited and LOUD crowd. When I say it was on the most fun concerts I’ve ever been to, that is saying a lot. We held hands, we screamed the wrong lyrics, we danced and sweat of any sparkly eyeliner we had drawn on hours before… we were in our own world. There were strangers booty-bumping me and singing to me and just making me feel alive. Milky Chance is… liberating. Truly dance-worthy and smile-inducing. There were five-minute harmonica solos (surprisingly sexy, I’ll admit it) and stage dives that made me keel over laughing.

Yesterday was pure bliss.

So find your coolest friends, and don’t be afraid to learn from them. Jump now and ask questions later. Do what seems crazy just to see how it changes you. Go to that concert of the band only your little brother has heard of. Save money and buy a plane ticket. Get a tiny tattoo JUST BECAUSE!!! You never know where you’re gonna find what makes you happy, so don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. Welcome the new situations, the crazy experiences, the weird bands, and scary foods. Do it all. Do it all. Do it all.

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