the amazing world of concerts

A day i will never forget: my first concert. Hannah Montana; that’s right ladies and gentlemen: Hannah Montana — NOT Miley Cyrus. A fourth grader’s dream come true. That was, by far, the highlight of my “childhood”. Ever since then, i’ve been obsessed with music and going to any cheap concert i can find. I’ve seen my favorite artists and people i’ve never even heard of before. What could be a better way to find new music?

If you ever have an opportunity to go to a concert (any concert, doesn’t matter) — GO. You will not regret it. Concerts are basically just a giant bonding experience with strangers and the greatest way to spend a weekend, or weekday if you’re feeling risky. I cannot count the amount of times i’ve gone to a concert knowing only one song because i had listened to it on the car ride there, and they have still been AMAZING. Don’t let it hold you back.

Megan and my dad have definitely been the biggest influences on my love for music and concerts. From growing up listening to Cage the Elephant and Tom Petty off of my dad’s playlist and megan kidnapping me to see Moon Taxi on my 14th birthday; i’ve developed a love for all types of music. I’ve been to a Hippo Campus concert: the most loving and adorable band i can think of; and a Bully concert: pretty hardcore, AND a Catfish and the Bottlemen concert: a rock band and they have all filled my heart with pure joy!!! I guess i should take into account the fact that all genres are my favorite genres so that doesn’t play much of a roll in my concert selection, and may not apply to y’all. BUT — you get to meet new people, get some cute pics, and hear incredible music. What could be better? Why isn’t everyone a concert person?

I HIGHLY recommend the cool girl concert life. Especially a Thursday concert as megan and i have coincidentally attended multiple time; it is, indeed, the bee’s knees. So are the bands listed above — so check those out, because they’re dope!!

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