the beginning of the end


The first day of my last high school semester begins in less than 12 hours (!!!!). My head is in the clouds and my stomach’s full of happy bubbles! It sounds cliché (trust me, I know), but it really feels like the start of something new (cue the tear-jerking High School Musical memories). Something amazing and full of love and happy-sad goodbyes and letting go of the past. This semester is different than any of the other ones I’ve lived through. I’m finally in a place where I’m grateful for every breath I take, every classroom friend I meet, and every last I’ll get to experience in these final months.

And as lame as it may have seemed to me in the past, it seems truly important to partake in every cliché sappy senior moment that is offered to me. Senior breakfast with allllll of my past peers? HECK YES! The post-graduation lock-in at the local bowling alley? THERE’S NOTHING BETTER! Dancing until my ankles are covered in blisters at Senior Prom??? SIGN ME THE HECK UP!

Being sappy has never been so fun!! There are people I see in the hallways every. single. day. that I’ve never said a word to, but… TOMORROW IS THE DAY! The day for final gestures and budding friendships and LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This is the time for me to shed my fears and go all out. I’m slightly scared, but even MORE excited. Excited to live out my final senior moments as a happy sappy lame-o high school girl. Feel free to join me, kiddos.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. WISH ME LUCK!!!


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