welcome welcome && welcome!!

hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between!!

so here’s the deal… I (meg) have one more semester of high school (!!!!!!!) left before I move out to be a big ole college girl. moving out is SCARY and EXCITING, but mostly sad. sad because I’ll be leaving my best friend in the WHOOOLLLEE world…. yes, yes — my sister Lauren. not only will i lose our constant slumber parties and musical marathons, BUT HALF OF MY WARDROBE TOO! THIS IS A TRAGEDY IN THE TRUEST SENSE OF THE WORD!

to sublimate my super senior sadness, me and lauren have created this blog. half to keep up with each other; half to connect with other super cool kids just like us. if you’re a music lover, disposable camera aficionado, guacamole enthusiast or just general ~edgy~ kid… i implore you to keep up with us!!!!

so i’m megan. i’m eighteen years old. i live in austin, texas (live music capital of the world, baby!!). i like horror movies and bad netflix shows and børns and veggie quesadillas. i love snow and sunshine and the ocean and the mountains. i have 11 pairs of converse (& counting), but i’m dreading the slim number of days i have left before that number is cut in half as i move halfway across the country and lauren makes her clothing claims. until then… you can find me on here!! writing and showing y’all how much i love new austin bands, yummy food, and controversial ~edgy~ girl thoughts (kidding, kinda).

i’m excited & happy just thinking about this!!! trust me kids… it’s gonna be the bee’s knees.

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